Bloody Long Walk

On October 31st, our ISD Cyber staff took on the 35km Bloody Long Walk 2021 to raise funds for the Mito Foundation; a foundation committed to the research, prevention and treatment for Mitochondrial (Mito) disease.

Mito stems from a group of disorders which inhibit the mitochondria (present in almost every cell in the human body) from producing energy. The gruelling length of the walk represents the debilitating nature of the disease, how the cells which power the body cease to function and leave the body fatigued and lacking energy.

To help combat Mito, we tied up our shoelaces and walked, jogged and ran the distance in honour and remembrance of Dot Georgiou. Dot sadly lost her battle with Mito at eight months.

The walk took us from Carrick Hill, through Victoria Park, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Henley Beach all the way to the finish line at Glenelg. Along the way, we were met by cheering members of Team Dot, offering us everything from sunscreen to the much-needed lolly snakes to encourage us to power on.

It was the sight of the cheering walkers and supporters at the finish line which gave us the boost to make that final step, knowing we had done our part to help make a difference and a change. Seeing everyone come together and standing up for a common cause became the main motivator to keep putting one foot in front of the other, everyone walking the event had experienced all sides of Mitochondrial Disease.

Congratulations to the ISD Cyber team, the Mito Foundation and every walker involved. It was an inspirational day. Team Dot alone raised over $26,000, raising the most funds for the Mito Foundation for the third year in a row.

The Georgiou family would like to announce their gratitude to everyone who walked for their precious Dot.

#TeamDot #DoItForDot