ISD Cyber clients are empowered with smarter ways to use their Cyber budgets in order to create:

  • Business value for all stakeholders
  • More effectiveness and efficiencies when managing risks
  • Measurable improvement in their Security Posture

Upgrading the skills and capabilities of internal IT teams.

With escalating risks to all levels of Government, we conducted a review of an IT team’s ability to identify, evaluate and manage cyber risks throughout their public organisation. What we found were numerous needs for urgent improvement.

Through knowledge transfer and walkthroughs of the solutions, the client is now able to identify new risks, manage and report their current risk profile and embed continual improvement. They have also used the information to create a risk prioritised roadmap that supports their security objectives.

Overview of Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Identify new risks
  • Manage and report current risk profile
  • Embed a continual improvement program
  • Creation of a risk-prioritised roadmap to support security objectives
  • Compliant to: ISO31000 (Risk Management) and ISO 27005 (Information Security Risk Management)

Local government transforming to a 24/7 digitally enabled, customer-centric organisation.

Before investing into a large ICT plan, a council engaged ISD Cyber to perform a review on their service provision, capacity, resourcing, security and future strategic and operational direction to ensure their plan met the digital vision.

Our report delivered a detailed analysis to highlight previously unknown risks and ways to enhance their vision to improve service delivery.

Key deliverables for the council’s digital vision:

  • Mobile solutions for a mobile workforce
  • Integrated and seamless systems including information systems
  • Sound customer service approach to achieve an appropriate user experience (for internal and external customers)
  • Sound management and security of data
  • Business analysis, data analysis, reporting and continuous improvement capability
  • A sustainable resourcing footprint that is aligned to the agreed ICT operating model