Manufacturing / Wholesalers

As organisations recognise the risks associated with their supply chain and outsourced services, small to medium sized companies are seeing a greater obligation to demonstrate cyber resilience within their contract terms.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted to many industries the benefits of business resilience, a key success criterion of which is to understand supply chain risks and establish strategies to mitigate the impact of loss of products and services. This has driven forward the need for better business continuity management, third-party risk assessments and validation of the controls managed within the supply chain.

Working to the needs of our clients, ISD Cyber have conducted many third-party risk assessments, controls audits and business impact analysis to provide assurances that supply chain risks are understood and mitigated.

ISD Cyber has also assisted many goods and service providers across Australia to enhance their approach to cyber security through implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). In addition to certification-based projects, ISD Cyber has provided general guidance and mentoring to internal teams, conducted gap analysis and audits against the Essential Eight, the Australian Privacy Act, GDPR, PCI DSS, ISM and ISO 27001.