International Women’s Day 2022: Break the Bias

“I don’t want to break the bias; I want to bulldoze it.”

On March 16th 2022, the team at ISD Cyber had the opportunity to attend the International Women’s Day breakfast. Hosted by Business Chicks, the event recognises and paves the way for the world to abolish the biases, discrimination and stereotypes women around the world face every day. It was an opportunity to hear and understand how women from all walks of life have experienced what it is like to be downtrodden. To feel powerless. To feel out of place.  

Listening to three keynote speakers, Khadija Gbla, Teela Reid and Kemi Nekvapil, about their experiences growing up and facing discrimination against their race, ability or gender, provided not only a sense of perspective, but a feeling of empowerment.  

We all took something different away from the event: living more powerfully; how a strong desire and determination to succeed can change a mindset entirely; knowing the power we already possess; and recognising that its everyone’s responsibility to pave a world of equality to #breakthebias.