Business Resilience

Resilience is the expanded view of risk. Providing the opportunity and means to anticipate change events that may impact the business and be able to adapt accordingly. Done well, it will help you manage and achieve results under unpredictable circumstances and adapt and move forward. It is about being ready.

We can help you build a business resilience program that reduces overlap, duplication of efforts and gaps often inherent in siloed approaches. We work with you to optimise existing investments in people, process and technology. 

Our experts understand the nuances involved in each relevant industry standard and are here to help and guide you through understanding your business’s risks and enhance your risk culture. Our approach means that your business operations and values remain at the centre of the risk equation.

Done right, a holistic view of business resilience has the power to increase your profitability and in turn offer an assurance that you can succeed in your mission.

Cyber Security

Cyber security encompasses the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and processes. There is an art to ensure your networks, devices and data are protected from any unauthorised access or cyber threat. With the ever-evolving technological age, this is not easy.

Our cyber security experts offer resources and solutions to help you build confidence in your security systems, that they will protect, respond and recover from a cyber security event. Regardless of your business’s cyber security program maturity, we assist you through strategy, design, implementation and optimisation across various defensive cyber security areas.

An effective cyber security implementation means you can make the most of your technological resources and keep them protected. Your business can then move to embrace innovation and secure your opportunities for future success.

Information Security

In an interconnected world, it is likely your business is either information driven or can’t function without it. The protection of data, more than just your own, has become a core component for doing trustworthy and reliable business.

Without information security, businesses risk the long-lasting effects of data breaches, from reputational damage to legal proceedings.

That’s were we step in. We can help you build an Information Security Management Program aligned to your business needs and objectives. Ensuring you are aware of information security risks posed to your business means you can adequately understand, implement and manage an information security plan.

Business Continuity

Business disruptions can originate anywhere: natural disasters to system failure to staff complications. Business continuity sets the basis for how your business deals with these disruptions. It is about fully understanding potential risks, how they arise, the best means of dealing with them, and reducing the impacts to keep your business operational throughout the entire risk lifetime.

ISDefence offers more than just developing a business continuity plan for your business, we help you develop a more resilient business by embedding elements of business resilience considered through out your day-to-day activities.

We align the business continuity plan to your business’s mission and objectives. Alternatively, we can help you retool your existing plan to better adapt for the future.

Our goal for you remains the same: understand what creates your value and help you protect it.

IT Continuity

All businesses which heavily rely on technology and networks understand the importance of keeping them updated and operating at maximum performance. Regardless of the level of IT disruption, your IT infrastructure needs to be ready to manage the attack and fallout. Without adequately managing the IT infrastructure it can turn into a liability and subsequently affect your business objectives.

Our industry-leading IT continuity professionals can assist your business through the strategy, implementation and operation of a proactive and sustainable IT continuity program. Doing so can reveal opportunities for growth and strengthen client relationships even at the worst of times.

Disaster Recovery

Along with preparing for risk, we can help you mitigate the aftermath. Our disaster recovery program should build confidence throughout your business, that you can quickly resume your mission-critical operations following a disaster.

Our approach challenges the business assumptions documented within business continuity plans, such as recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives. This opens up the opportunity for collaboration between your business departments, ensuring business-wide understanding of recovery designs, strategies and objectives.

With this, businesses need to engage their suppliers and third parties to test all assumptions documented; it provides complete visibility of the implemented solutions and strategies both prior and during an IT incident.


ISDefence delivers courses for the following standards:

  • Information Security ISO/IEC 27001
  • Privacy ISO/IEC 29100
  • Business Continuity ISO/IEC 22301.

The courses are as follows:

  • Certified Lead Auditor course
  • Certified Lead Implementer course
  • Certified Principles course.


Our approach to privacy will give confidence that you not only comply with Global Privacy and Data Protection Regulations, but have built capability to prevent and mitigate disaster that impact personal data when they strike.

Our objective is to help you improve internal business processes to ensure that personal data is protected and used in an ethical and transparent manner.