The Importance of Application Security Assessments (ASAs)

In the age of digital transformation, every organisation relies on applications to grow and reach their business objectives. These applications assist with collaboration, facilitate planning, connecting, and engaging with customers, managing operations, storing business critical data etc.  While these applications do meet the operational requirements, they also need to meet the cyber security and continuity requirements that enable them to be successful in the long term.

Application Security Assessments (ASAs) are the answer to this problem. They ensure that due diligence and due care principles are followed to ensure that application security risks are identified, analysed, and treated before the risks materialise. The assessment has a core focus on customer and business critical information, ensuring that the implemented application’s security controls are consistent with the best practices, security standards, contractual obligations and privacy regulations.

When considering an application, ask yourself:

  • How critical is the application to business functions?
  • What is the criticality of the data being protected?
  • Have you established service level agreements (SLAs) with the vendor?
  • Have you determined baseline controls and key controls?

These questions will help understand risks posed to the business through the application. Internet facing applications can be a primary target, which could potentially result in exposure of business, customer, and client data. 

ISD Cyber has years of experience conducting application assessments. We work with the business to understand opportunities and provide support in developing practical strategies to strengthen your security posture.  

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