Welcome to Privacy Awareness Week (PAW)

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is a government initiative through the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), designed to support the public in keeping personal information safe. This can affect individuals, organisations and Governments alike.

This year’s theme, “Privacy: The Foundation of Trust”, reminds us that we have a right to keep our personal information secure and we should have the confidence that our shared information is kept secure by those who store it. The world is advancing technologically at rapid rates, so much of our personal information is stored within organisations, devices, online services, and cloud storage. How do we make sure this data is staying safe and why does it need to be?  

PAW is about ensuring that everyone has the knowledge to be able to make safe decisions with their personal information.  

Reducing the opportunity for breaches of information privacy is imperative for businesses as we advance in the digital sphere.

An organisation’s privacy conduct can considerably affect the reputation of a company. Ensuring personal information is safe and secure will create trust with the greater public, deepening dependability of the business. Breaches of information can reduce the trust an individual places with an organisation.

As we focus on information privacy over the course of the week, we will discuss good privacy practices, how and why you should manage your digital footprint, data breach notifications and we will introduce the latest about Australia’s privacy reforms.

For further information: Privacy Awareness Week – Home (oaic.gov.au)